About Us;

                                HELPING HANDS TO VULNERABLE CHILDREN and SKILLS PROJECT UGANDA  are charity organisations founded in April 2009 working hand in hand with a vission of making a difference in rural Uganda.  They are grass root initiatives lending a hand voluntarily in transforming vulnerable lives. we are a voluntary non profit initiative dedicated to better quality of life of the under served communities/vulnerable livelihoods. Helping Hands To Vulnerable Children and  Skills Project Uganda are community based organisations empowering to transforming lives of the children and the local people in rural Uganda.

Through identifying  orphans and withdraing children from the streets and enrolling them into school, provision of entrepreneurship development services by imparting arrange of technical Vocational Skills, behavioral, managerial enterprises, building capacities for self sutanaince livelyhood in rural Uganda.


The organizations are affiliated to some other organizations with similar objectives both local and international. The Organizations are ethical, non political and non denominational. We operate in communities in different Regions in Uganda. 

The Organisatins are intended to build the capacity of vulnerable groups of people (youth, women, children and men living in the challenging Rural Uganda)to establish a sustainable micro enterprises that have an impact on their lives in communities.