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As SKILLS PROJECT UGANDA, Our capacity building is aimed at creation of an enabling environment with appropriate policy and legal frameworks to the rural communities where people are more vulnerable; institutional development, including community participation (of women,youth, children and elderly in particular); human resources development and strengthening of managerial systems and Skills. Its a long-term, continuing process, in which all stakeholders participate fully in the projects (ministries, local authorities, non-governmental organizations and water user groups, professional associations, academics and others) which are used to bring in Knowledge and technical know how in form of skills man power to teach the vulnerable people.


Our Capacity Building is much more than training of Skills and includes the following;

Human resource development (All life skills), the process of equipping individuals with the understanding, skills and access to information, knowledge and training that enables them to perform effectively.

Organizational development, the elaboration of management structures, processes and procedures, not only within organizations but also the management of relationships between the different organizations and sectors (public, private and community).

Why is Capacity Building Needed by Skills Project Uganda ?

{sector 4624896There is a lack of realistic funding for the Charity to perform it duties perfectly in the long distances/ Remote areas where most vulnerable live. There is need for support for change to reach the vulnerable people deep in the villages with the services. Our training outlets are isolated - communications are poor (the nature of the transport system/means, no computers, telephones), there no power in these location. As a charity we have not yet gain support to provide these Budgets and the training equipment for these outlets, we need to carry the little we have our main office .

Development of teaching materials is inefficient. Alternative ways of capacity building are not adequately recognized.

Who are the Clients ?

The needs for capacity building are always changing. As Skills Project Uganda, there is no ready solutions for all that as we talk, may be if there is a coming partner and if any, programme must be appropriate for the local situation and organization. Communities and CBOs are the main clients, which need support in order to improve their capacity to plan, organize and manage their neighborhoods.

Departments of Charities play an increasingly important role in enabling community groups to enhance their capacities and effectiveness.

Our Capacity Building Network

There are very direct implications for agricultural education in the area of human resource capacity building since by definition and Goal Skills Project Uganda as a charity (and the process) has education, both formal and non-formal, at its core centre.

In Skills Project broadest interpretation, Our capacity building encompasses human resource development (HRD) as an essential part of development. It is based on the concept that education and Vocational training lie at the heart of development efforts and that without HRD most development interventions will be ineffective which will interfere with Skills Project Uganda's Goal in rural communities mostly. It focuses on a series of actions directed at helping participants in the development process to increase their knowledge, skills and understandings and to develop the attitudes needed to bring about the desired developmental change.

Another Essential in Skills Project Uganda to Capacity Building

sector 5135712Another essential mechanism for capacity building is partnership development. We are looking at Partnerships to give a local NGO/CBO (Skills Project Uganda) access to have: knowledge and skills passed to the local vulnerable people in rural Uganda; innovative and proven methodologies; networking and funding opportunities; replaceable models for addressing community needs and managing resources; options for organizational management and governance; and strategies for advocacy, government relations and public outreach.

Come in OR join to work with us and reach the desired Goal of the people.

OUR MOTTO; Shared Discussions, Shared Development and Shared Happiness.


Nalya Charles


Today we are making the third day of the workshop on Vocational training by Skills project Uganda in Mbale on slopes of Mountain Elgon. People have turn up in big numbers as you can see which shows the positive impact of Skills Project Uganda with its work to the People Rural Uganda.SKills Project team in a vehicle travellling to rural Uganda to conduct vocational training workshops  We are hoping the number to increase to 20,000 people and beyond in the remaining 4 days of the workshop here in Mbale. As Skills Project Uganda with its team will continue to move around all Rural/Village remote areas of Uganda to reach the vulnerable people with its services to benefit the some one down in the Village who is most Vulnerable. The team (Skills Project Uganda) after here will travel on early Monday morning to Maracha in Arua District in West Nile where it we will work still for one week. This Journey is about 370Kms. You can join Us in this effort visit https://www.facebook.com/pniccu OR https://skillsprojectuganda.wordpress.com


Volunteering with SKILLS PROJECT UGANDA gives you an excellent opportunity to witness first-hand challenges faced by communities in the developing world. It arms you with skills, that can be put to use in many fields and provides you with unrivaled experience and memories you will keep for the rest of your life.

Working with a local organization, combines the altruism of volunteer work with insight into the local communities and their way of life. It allows you to truly experience the community based society as opposed to the fast paced, individualized and stress filled western lifestyle. Such work is a chance to feel the appreciation of the local population and witness the change of your contribution, however small it may seem to you, can make for the less fortunate. It is an experience with mutual benefit, as it gives you another perspective from which to observe the ever-evolving world around you.

We welcome you to this consortium of grass root initiatives lending a hand voluntarily in transforming vulnerable livelihoods / communities to live a better life rural Uganda. We are a voluntary nonprofit initiative dedicated to better quality of life of the underserved communities and vulnerable livelihoods. Through our contacts we have created a network that supports our cause and allows us generate new ideas on how to continue our mission by providing our services to humanity and those suffering in the World. 



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