Volunteering with our charities gives you an excellent opportunity to witness first-hand challenges faced by communities in the developing world. It arms you with skills, that can be put to use in many fields and provides you with unrivaled experience and memories you will keep for the rest of your life.

Working with a local organization, combines the altruism of volunteer work with insight into the local communities and their way of life. It allows you to truly experience the community based society as opposed to the fast paced, individualized and stress filled western lifestyle. Such work is a chance to feel the appreciation of the local population and witness the change of your contribution, however small it may seem to you, can make for the less fortunate a change. It is an experience with mutual benefit, as it gives you another perspective from which to observe the ever-evolving world around you.

We welcome you to this consortium of grass root initiatives lending a hand voluntarily in transforming vulnerable livelihoods / communities to live a better life rural Uganda. We are a voluntary nonprofit initiative dedicated to better quality of life of the underserved communities and vulnerable livelihoods. Through our contacts we have created a network that supports our cause and allows us generate new ideas on how to continue our mission by providing our services to humanity and those suffering in the World.

With your help too….,

We can make a huge difference in the lives of those sufferers in the world.


“The pearl of Africa”


Brief Profile About Uganda

Full name: Republic of Uganda

Motto - "For God and my Country."

•Population: 33.8 million (UN, 2010)

•Capital: Kampala City

•Area: 241,038 sq km (93,072 sq miles)

•Major languages: English (official), Swahili (official), Luganda, Lusoga, various Bantu and Nilotic languages

•Major religions: Christianity, Islam

•Life expectancy: 55 years (men), 56 years (women) (UN)

•Monetary unit: Uganda shilling (Ush)

•Main exports: Coffee, fish and fish products, tea; tobacco, cotton, corn, beans, sesame and some other Agricultural products.

•Head of State: President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (From 1986 to date.)

•GNI per capita: US $460 (World Bank, 2009)

•Internet domain: .ug

•International dialing code: +256

As you plan to travel to Uganda and volunteer with SKILLS PROJECT UGANDA – Here is some information for you.

If you like to become familiar with Uganda, find out the reality of Uganda, would like to visit Uganda and work with SKILLS PROJECT UGANDA, if you have questions regarding Uganda, please write and ask. 

Enjoy Uganda.




Uganda - The Pearl of Africa – with over 34 million people, a small country, yet big in a welcoming heart, stunning scenery, fabulous wildlife, gorillas, Chimpanzees and Entertainment from a Variety Culture- Uganda awaits to be discovered by you - this is All about Uganda - the Pearl of Africa - Home to some of the friendliest people found in Africa.

Uganda is the Youngest Nation in World - over half of the population is children.

Uganda is the Evergreen Country of Africa-the color green dominates the landscape.

Uganda is Africa's banana republic - it grows more Bananas than any other nation - except Brazil - over 50 varieties- Matooke-a plantation (banana) is the chief staple in the biggest part of the country.

Ugandans lay claim to be the friendliest African Country.

Peanuts in Uganda are referred to Ground Nuts - similar to the German name for peanuts which is Erdnuesse - meaning earth nuts.

Uganda's Official Motto - "For God and my Country."

Uganda - Home of the Lake Victoria and Source of Nile.

Uganda - Home of the tallest Mountain Range in Africa - The Ruwenzori Mountains also referred to as Mountains of the Moon.

Uganda has pleasant year around Weather.

Uganda is 26% lakes and rivers

Uganda has 11% of the birds found in the world - over 1040 species of birds - making it the number one country for Birders.

Uganda is home to over half of all Mountain Gorillas in the world.



SKILLS PROJECT UGANDA Needs You! We need Volunteers from all walks of life.

SKILLS PROJECT UGANDA couldn't do all it does for the needy livelihoods/communities in Uganda without the work of external support of people within and outside Uganda. We seek More Volunteers both Individuals, institutions like colleges, schools, universities, hospitals, corporate and Volunteer Sending Organization from U.S, Canada, Europe and many other parts of the world. We are currently seeking volunteers of all areas of their Interest/specialization and ability, for as long as you are within our framework of operation. Simply inform us about it at movetouganda@mail.com and we shall respond positively!

We at SKILLS PROJECT UGANDA host volunteers throughout the year from all walks of life irrespective of sex, race, faith, age, economic status and backgrounds because their effort and impact is the one which counts a lot!

About Free volunteer opportunities with SKILLS PROJECT UGANDA

"This Is Where Your Life Changing Adventure Begins!

Volunteer with SKILLS PROJECT UGANDA offers a wide range of volunteer projects abroad for you to participate in. From teaching, Child mentoring and care, HIV/AIDs, Evangelism, Counseling, medical practitioners, fundraising, grant and proposal writing, administration, community projects, Skill work like Modern Agriculture, Computer Skills, Welding and fabrication, motor Vehicle mechanical Engineering, Building and Construction, Carpentry and Joinery, Art and Crafted Hand Work etc. in line with ICT.                                                                                 

We are constantly adding to our already vast selection of free volunteer projects as we strive to provide the needy with help in the form of volunteer’s efforts. Volunteering is an unforgettable experience giving you the opportunity to see a country from the inside and experience for yourself what really goes on. You also get the opportunity to work with local people on local projects which without Free Volunteer with SKILLS PROJECT UGANDA you wouldn't be able to do. We want you to understand another country and experience other cultures and traditions but most of all we want to see our projects benefit positivity. You are here to have the time of your life so go ahead and for one or more of our many volunteer projects today!

We want to share with future volunteers how to volunteer without paying organizations big money to make a difference in the lives of the Needy Africans. Below are some of the opportunities.

Skills Projects, Conservation Projects, Care Work Projects, Teaching Projects, Medical Projects, Projects, Games and Sports Projects, Self Help Group Projects, Construction projects, Water and sanitation projects, Agricultural projects, Development projects, Rehabilitation projects, Hygiene and healthy projects.

 Many organizations look at volunteers as cash cows and they forget about the poor people they claim to be helping and we are here to help the children, poor women, underprivileged livelihoods and marginalized communities.


Volunteering in the dictionary is defined as the practice of people working on behalf of others or a particular cause without payment for their time and service. To some this may seem as work or hard labor and many people tend to avoid volunteering. There are many benefits to volunteering or giving your time to others while volunteering with SKILLS PROJECT UGANDA. Whether you are going to volunteer in your neighborhood, volunteering with our local communities, local schools, hospitals or work place it is usually a fulfilling process. It’s known to be fun and engaging. Rather than talking about the benefits of volunteering locally I will focus on the benefits of volunteering with SKILLS PROJECT UGANDA.  There are many good organizations found on the internet that offer great volunteer services but are too costly and most of them don’t have worthy projects for people who want to help for a good causeSKILLS PROJECT UGANDA is here to connect you to worthy projects that will give you a long lasting experience. You can visit our volunteer page on face book ; volunteer at skills project Uganda for details see our photo gallery on the same site to view some of our recent activities. If you decide to leave home and go abroad here are some of the benefits you get volunteering abroad:

Career benefits

Volunteering with SKILLS PROJECT UGANDA adds to your résumé and to differentiate you from the rest. It shows your character, interests and motivation. Your hands-on experience in the fields of health, social services, or education is valuable, and you can leverage your volunteer abroad with SKILLS PROJECT UGANDA experience as a stepping stone to international development work. But there are countless additional ways to apply this experience to your professional development, such as communicating with people from different cultures, teambuilding, adapting to dynamic environments, critical thinking, and more.

Cultural experience

After arrival in Uganda, the volunteers are immersed immediately in to the culture from the first day. In the case where the volunteer stays with a family in a home stay, they get firsthand experience of the culture. In that they will live, and eat like the local people. In some occasions they may be asked to participate in some activities like weddings. There are many tribes and each one has a unique culture and unique traditions. In the home stay you will learn about the culture of the home. If you are living in a group home with other volunteers or in a hostel you will still get to experience the culture. You will experience it when you are working together with the locals. You will be able to feel their work ethic and standards

Make a difference

There is a social effect felt on the lives of the volunteers as well as the people you are serving. The fulfillment of helping others is twice as felt rather than helping out people around you. Most of the people the volunteers help are in desperate situations .The lives of the people you touch are forever changed. There are people who are in dire need of help and are grateful to anyone who try to help. As a volunteer with SKILLS PROJET UGANDA, you will help people who are in the local communities. Their gratitude will overwhelm you.


During your stay in Uganda, you will get to know people from the host family and the people whom you will be working with in the programs. Other volunteers will be working there with you on the same projects. You will be able to form lifelong friendships with the other volunteers, the host family and the ones who you are working within the programs. You will be able to increase your social skills and the number of friends you have.

Traveling and fun

After the rigors of volunteering you are given the chance to visit the attractive sites. Also during the weekends we can organize safaris and tours for you to tour the full country and cultural experience.  For example the Murchison falls for gollira tracking, sipi falls, forest trekking, night spots and other hangouts when you need, etc  There will also be other volunteers where you will be able to mix with them and have fun with them. This is an opportunity to meet other people, to learn other cultures and also to have fun after a hard day’s work.

Charity travel

Why not try charity travel during your volunteering with SKILLS PROJECT UGANDA Here volunteers adventure the beauty of our country at the same time doing charity work in the communities you visit. This is a new package in our volunteering programs that involves making camp fires, picnics, with different cultures through the country sharing experiences and here you will be involved in telling cultural stories and norms plus learning localRhymes and riddles by people hosting you.


If you are interested in volunteering with SKILSS PROJECT UGANDA please contact Nalya Charles at movetouganda@gmail.com or Tel: +256705201367 to book any of the volunteer opportunities by requesting for a free volunteer application form. After you finish filling in the form, you are supposed to send it back for the volunteer placement team for approval. When approved, the volunteer placement team will send you a confirmation letter and at this stage you begin discussing all that you need for your volunteering.


The thought of volunteering itself is so enriching and it provides you with the most rewarding experiences in your life but many times you need to raise funds for the volunteering services that you offer. For instance you may be placed at a local vulnerable school to teach but it may be lacking some teaching facilities like chalk, text books, and transport to the projects, etc. so the funds fundraised will help in meeting some of these costs.


Please have people get to know about your trip and raise funds for the Organization here as much as you can before you come to help us during your volunteering.  We want to make your trip here one you will always remember.

Here are a few helpful tips that will help you in raising funds for the program:

Contact businesses and organizations

There are many local businessmen available that are always ready to shell donations to help with the promotion of their business; you can start with the people whom you know or where you visit frequently. While requesting for funds you need to be very clear and provide them detailed information regarding the program you are participating in and what you will be doing. This will give them a picture of your program and the services offered so that they can give a good amount and understand your cause for the fundraising.

Contact local groups

You can also contact the local group who share a common interest with your work such as college groups or any social clubs that focus on offering volunteer services; they may help you in gathering funds directly or may even offer indirect help by suggesting certain people to you. You can also look for help among church groups, rotary clubs, hospital staff, politicians, social groups and special-interest organizations.

Contact people directly

Another good way of collecting funds for your volunteer services is by contacting the local people directly. Start with the people you know well; your family, friends, relatives, neighbors and community people will turn out to be of great help. You can also email your friends, go door-to-door, create a cause for you volunteering on your social networks by sending request emails to your friends and contact over the phone, this will yield great results. You may also find many people who might not be able to help you through money but may help you in many other ways.

Conduct fundraising events:

You can also conduct events and invite all the people to the event and then let them know all the details pertaining to the program and what all services you are going to provide during the program. You can choose any place such as recreation centre or your home but make sure that you plan the event in a very creative and resourceful manner; you could even organize musicians for your event. The next thing you should do is to promote your event. Take advantage of social media and try to gather a huge crowd. To raise a good amount of funds you can sell the tickets, charge at the entrance or also provide donation boxes in many spots of the venue.

Contact military officials

There are military officials who show a keen interest in offering donations for voluntary services and there are several officials who actively participate in voluntary services abroad. Recognizing this, many financial institutions, government and private organizations have come up with many special privileges for military officials; the best example for this would be the community financial services association of America (CFSA) which has made an act according to which special privileges are given to active military officials on payday loans. You can visit any of these officials in your country and look out for some funds.

What else can you do?

Most of our communities are too needy including both the children and adults. We are aware that some people may be having some items that are no longer of use to them and they can be so useful here to the local people and they will always cause a huge smile on their faces when they receive them. This is another way people can donate i.e. text books, shoes, clothing’s, old house hold items, etc



 1. Passport

Secure your passport ahead of time to avoid last minute panic. The necessary application form can be obtained from your local post office or immigration department offices or from the internal affair ministries.

You will need a visa for Uganda. A single entry visa can be purchased at the airport in Entebbe for $50 US Dollars. However the airlines you are travelling on sometimes requires a visa for Uganda before you can board. Call your airline 6 weeks before boarding to find out their requirements OR Apply to the Ugandan Embassy while in the still in Country and allow at least 6 weeks completing that transaction. When you send any forms to any embassy make certain that you send it by "registered mail" so you can track the forms or your passport more readily if they fail to respond in a timely manner. But it is always advisable to get it here at the airport on your arrival.

 2. Airline Tickets:

Make sure you book you air tickets in advance and we always advise our intending volunteers to contact several flight agencies to find out the cheapest and reliable flights before paying the tickets. Volunteers will always give us copies of their travel plan/details to enable us have better arrangements of picking them from the airport.

3. Jet Lag

Africa is a long trip. There is 11 hours difference between pacific standard to Uganda time. Take into account this jet lag will be working in your body and you will need a few days to get re-adjusted. Sometimes your brain simply switches off and you must lay down to rest.

4. Attitude

We expect team members to be at least 14 years of age and above. Teenagers and adults alike are reminded that things should not be expected to happen here like they do at home. Keeping a good attitude when you have to wait longer than planned or the food doesn't please you is a stretch for most people. Practice smiling when you don't feel like it. And we will too.

5. Illness and Untimely Returns:

If you become ill while travelling you will receive care promptly. Western trained doctors as well as qualified African doctors are available. We do carry a small first aid kit. Any immediate medical expense will be borne by you. Should you be forced to leave the team and return home for any reason, the cost of your transportation, or stay is your responsibility and must be borne by you.

Other things you might Experience.

Your perspective of hardship could change. When you encounter the joy and courage of persecuted and deprived people, your own life might not seem so hard.

Your faith could be stretched. Coming to a developing country you might experience times when you realize you have no control over certain situations. You could find yourself praying about situations you never prayed about before, i.e. finances, safety, health or communication because you cannot resolve these issues without God's delivering Hand.

You might be tempted to judge a whole country by someone you had a problem with. You might even find your fellow team members getting on your nerves.

Expect to find things different than you know in your country or other developed countries. Uganda and surrounding countries are called a "developing nation" for some reasons you may observe. For example: A large city with few traffic laws can try a man's soul. A Ugandan hamburger does not taste like an American hamburger. A pit latrine can cause consternation amongst the female team members. And there is more.

Treat your hosts with respect and the people you meet with respect and you will be welcomed as an honored guest.


Your Passport and Visa to Uganda

Bed Sheets and a pillow case but this is optional because you can buy them from here.

Flash light


personal toiletries …

photos of your home, children, flag, Country to show the Ugandans

when you are feeling a touch of loneliness or hunger, a favorite snack comes in handy

 Other items to consider:

  • sunscreen,
  • hat,
  • belt (s),
  • facial tissues that can double for toilet tissue,
  • Individual hand wipes.
  •  Cash money for your personal use.

NOTE; Most of the above things can be bought in Uganda to reduce your luggage and Make sure that if you are carrying dollars with, move with notes printed from 1999 or 2000 and above. Any notes below these years during forex you will get less than the normal exchange rate. 


The clothing appropriate to this culture and climate is dresses or skirts and blouses for the ladies and slacks and shirts for men. For church or special occasions the ladies should wear nice dresses and men in slacks, shirt, tie, sports coat (coat not mandatory unless speaking at a service).

Trousers are allowed but sometimes depend on the culture and activities you will be involved in.

Modesty is very important. Be careful not to wear revealing clothes.

There could be occasions for swimming if your team leader so decides. So bring a swim suit.

Our work is funded by friends and well-wishers who donate to the cause of the organization.

We however want to let you know that since we don’t have a standing fund, we ask all our guests to help contribute towards their stay with us.

Some Ideas on the kind of things we need if you can access or carry them with you that may be useful during your volunteering.


Item (s)




Computer Software


Blank CDs

Flash disks


Blank Floppy Diskettes


Office Equipment


 - Staplers


 - Punching Machines


 - A paper shredder e.t.c

Vocational Training

Computers and computer accessories


 - Printers


 - External Drives


 - Mouse pads…


Sewing Machines


Knitting Machines


Sewing materials




Carpentry tools …

Rural Health Initiative

Medical Equipment




      Blood Pressure machines


      Medicine (any)

Child Welfare Department:-

School Supplies


Books, Pens, Pencils…


Clothes, Shoes…


Items for games – balls, rope…


Accommodation Hospitality.

Bed Sheets.


Pillow cases


(new or used)


Below are some of the various volunteer opportunities currently available at SKILLS PROJECT UGANDA


  We welcome religious leaders from all over the world and our Evangelism program   depends on a number of volunteers we are hosting.

For Individual volunteers or those less than 10 are welcome at any time throughout the year. But volunteers coming as a Group i.e. 10-30 have got a special program arranged twice a year .i.e. from January to June and from September to November.

Under this program, we mainly carry out activities such as door-door Evangelism, Spiritual healing, Guidance and counseling services to families in conflict, those affected and infected with HIV/AIDS, Youth with bad morals ,Schools ,Prisons ,and Hospitals ,as a way of reviving hope, reformation ,good morals and an upright religious community.

Community Health


All volunteers with skills in community health such as hygiene, Sanitation Immunization, and any others are welcome. Professionals are attached to our local hospitals and also carry out home visits to those who can’t reach the hospital for treatment and are treated from their homes.

Most of our volunteers in this category participate in cleaning of Water sources such as Wells as well as rehabilitating them, cleaning and painting of community health hospitals, etc. This program is done throughout the year and we welcome their application any time. 



This project is carried out throughout the year. Volunteers come in at any time and are attached to any of our local community schools. Most of the activities involved in this program include Teaching, Sports activities, Music Dance and Drama, Computer training, Vocational Education i.e. art and crafts, Carpentry and Joinery, Agriculture, motor vehicle engineering, welding and fabricationetc. Therefore any one with skills in the above can join us and volunteer with us any time of the year!

Community out reach programs


In our community outreach programs in which we mainly deal with the Youth, Widows Elderly, Orphans and persons with disabilities. Our volunteers mainly empower our people with skills in hand crafts, Drama, Sports Carpentry and Joinery, Agriculture, motor vehicle engineering, welding and fabrication etc.


They also assist the Elderly in their gardens as well as renovating and construction of their houses, Kitchens, utensils stands, etc.

Volunteers wishing to come and spend their time volunteering with SKILLS PROJECT UGANDA can contact us at any time.

 International Volunteering.

 SKILLS PROJECT UGANDA also welcomes volunteers throughout the Year who want to volunteer with us within their localities or countries wherever they are in the following areas. These also help in networking our local schools, hospitals, churches, self-help groups, etc with similar interests.

All Types as of Skills Work as observed below


Learning Mechanical Engineering


LearningTailoring and Design


Making of Ceremonial cakes

Modern Agriculture (all types of crops)


Learning Hair Dressing


Learning how to make craft shoes (art & Craft)


Learning welding & Fabrication


Building and Construction Practice


Carpentry and joinery


Computer learning


Volunteer's frequently asked questions and answers

Why make the decision to volunteer with SKILLS PROJECT UGANDA?

In Africa children are abandoned, there are high birth rates alongside high poverty levels, poor infrastructure, high illiteracy rates, and unemployment, coupled with all the other factors that continue to keep them vulnerable.

 These all remain serious problems, and aid is needed to help tackle these issues.

Of an estimated 700 million primary school-age children in the world today, more than 121 million are not in school. The majority of these are girls.

Education is vital to ensuring a better quality of life for all children. It is the best investment any society can make for the health and well-being of its children, as well as its economic and social progress.

Quality education keeps children in school and makes them less vulnerable to exploitation and abuse, as well as improving their chances for survival in life. When girls are educated as equals with boys, their own children have improved chances of survival and are more likely to grow up healthy and educated. An educated girl will be better paid in the workplace; will be better able to protect herself against HIV/AIDS and to assume a more active role in social, economic and political decision-making throughout her life.

With the developing world growing, they are in need of volunteers to help put roofs over their heads and educate the children of the next generation. Everyone wants to volunteer, it's just not everyone is motivated to get up and go and help our neighboring countries in need that is why SKILLS PROJECT UGANDA came up and put Free Vocational Skills training to the Community alongside education and this Was after discovering that the biggest percentage of vulnerable youths in Rural Uganda both girls and boys dropped out school and therefore need to equipped with skills to help them in their lives. If you’re reading this you’re on your way. Congratulations!

What's really happening to our future generation in Africa?

The number of children enrolling in government schools at the lower primary levels has dropped over the past decade. Classrooms are often dilapidated and overcrowded, and teachers are badly paid and lacking motivation, No books, etc

Many of the poorest families cannot afford the fee charged by government institutions, so they have set up community schools where children are taught for free. But the conditions in these schools are even worse. There are often no books, no pens and pencils, no desks, no blackboards, and the teachers are untrained and unpaid. "It is the young who are bearing the brunt of the country's social and economic difficulties".

Free Volunteer in Uganda offers opportunities for volunteer work in rural Uganda, through various communities volunteering projects, giving you a chance to experience the culture, the people and much more.

What volunteer work in Uganda can I do?

We’re looking for volunteers to Uganda who will contribute to projects in communities where help is most needed.

At a one-to-one Uganda orientation interview we’ll discuss your skills, experience and of course, preferences to ensure that you’re assigned to the right project and even if you have never volunteered any where in the world (no experience), you apply. Volunteers in Uganda are needed in a variety of project areas.

How long can I volunteer?

Our volunteer placements range between 1 week-1 year or more with a 3-day arrival orientation. You’ll have the chance to travel at weekends but to make the most of this fantastic country why not leaves some time at the end of your program to explore further afield?
Where will I be working for free in Uganda?

Our Ugandan projects are peri-urban and rural community based. The majority of our volunteers are placed in rural areas of eastern Uganda although projects do also exist in other parts of the country.

 Who will I be working with?

We place volunteers in existing projects, working alongside local people. Our free volunteer in Uganda program is essentially designed to provide independent experiences which promote integration with the local people. You may also be working alongside another international volunteer.
 Where will I be living?

As part of our ‘Local Approach’, we believe that living with a local family is the best way for volunteers to become fully immersed into the local culture. You’ll be placed with a family in a Ugandan community, a short distance from your project. Your host will welcome you into their family and help you to settle into the local area. You might be living with another volunteer. You can also be placed in orphanage homes, hospital and school staff quarters.

Houses can be very basic and may not have running water or a constant source of electricity. Enjoying home-cooked food, sharing stories and life experiences and learning the local language will give you a unique and memorable experience.

However if a volunteer prefer special accommodation , our volunteer placement team will be very resourceful in helping such a volunteer get accommodation of his/her choice but will be responsible for the costs.

How much does it cost?

We don’t charge volunteers for the free services they provide in creating a positive impact for our needy communities/livelihoods. Volunteers will only have to contribute to the host families towards feeding that include 3 meals a day, laundry, electricity and water bills.

We also ask volunteers to pay for their Airport Pickup fee depending on the time of arrival since the car for the charity was crashed in an accident so  here now I find difficulties in transportation most especially when one is arriving at night and nature of transport since accommodation is provided in host families, orphanage homes, schools, etc you will not be charged a single penny and they will provide you with basic food every day. If you ask them we book a special place for your accommodation, then you should carry side money to cater to this. But as you choose to come to Uganda we will request you to do any fund raising in your community on our behalf to help us in terms of facilitation during your volunteering on the projects you will be involved in.

What else should I budget for?

We feel it’s important to be as upfront as possible about any additional costs so that you can manage your budget and have a hassle free trip.

Please budget for the following: Air-ticket, Insurance, Health, and day to day living expenses.

Raising extra funds for your trip needn’t be difficult as there are loads of things you can do to raise money. Your arrival orientation, placement and local support services is provided by our Travel Advisors.
 What skills/Qualifications should I have?

No formal qualifications or skills are required to volunteer with SKILLS PROJECT UGANDA but only the ability and commitment to help. However, professional skills are an added advantage.

Why free volunteering and cheap upkeep?

As we offer free volunteer placements in Uganda and beyond, Don't therefore think that everything is cheap just because it’s in the developing world.

There are free volunteer placements out there but very difficult to find. The best way to get a genuinely good placement is to go via, via. Maybe you know someone in the family, friends who have worked in the developing world and have contacts. You could always email organizations directly and cut out the middle man. Organizations do however like working with placement organizations as they take care of all of the work involved with housing, looking after and recruiting volunteers. But we are here to help you and link you directly to the local community, we are Ugandans and have grown up here and know where your help is needed.